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It’s not only the analysts who have been visiting us recently.  We’ve also been hosting the Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board and a group of investigators  looking to assess our licence application.

I’ve been through licensing processes before but, I have to say, nothing as extensive as this. And it’s not only at a corporate level that we’re investigated and scrutinised but at the personal level too. I haven’t felt this closely assessed since I met my prospective father-in-law for the first time!!

They’ve been very professional and thorough, meeting with a wide range of the management team and taking a trip up to Leeds to understand more of the organisation. I and the rest of my team have enjoyed meeting their team. The level of interest they’ve shown in getting to know us has been rewarding. We all love to talk about our business and don’t always get to do that with people who really appreciate what we do.

We’re only part way through this lengthy process and look forward to the next visit later in the Fall before we finally go before the Nevada Board, potentially in spring of next year.

Some describe the Nevada process as the gold standard. That under-estimates how stringent it really is and how seriously the team take their responsibilities. Nothing less than platinum will do as a description.

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